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Professor Isaac Olawale Albert

Isaac Olawale Albert is a Nigerian Professor of African History, Peace and Conflict Studies and the pioneer Director of the Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies (IPSS), University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He was the Director of the University’s Institute of African Studies from August 2010 to July 2013.
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For a continent like Africa whose modernisation has been such a painful process for the majority of the populace, the continuous re-examination of each and every proposition is at the heart of Afrocentric consciousness.

Reduced to whether Africans are the origin of their own disconnect from modernity or some extra-African forces, the Africans share the blame to a greater extent. European imperialism cannot solely be blamed for underdeveloped Africa. Such position suffers from Marxist mono-causality. After all, Asia and Latin America equally experienced Euro-American imperialism but over which many Asian and Latin American countries have transcended. The political rascality, the hereditary democracy and permanent presidency that define the African leadership landscape must be uniquely African problems for which we can't blame outsiders.

Nonetheless, 'African solutions to African problems' is not an innocent phrase but a contextually loaded one.

Isaac Olawale Albert
Prof. Isaac Olawale Albert
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